THC vs. CBD: Which one Is Better for Pain Relief

In the last couple of years, more and more people are getting interested in using cannabis oil to fight their problems of chronic pain. In fact, a recent study shows that more than half of the participants suffering from chronic pain have tried CBD oil or marijuana for a medical reason.

While the compounds that the cannabis plants contain can vary from one plant to the next, almost all of them contain two medically important compounds. These compounds are known as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

cannabis oil

THC is the compound thats responsible for the “high” feeling that most people associate with marijuana. However, THC also act as pain relief for patients suffering from chronic pain for a long time. 

While CBD does not offer that high, the researchers have indicated that it also has the ability to reduce pain in the patients suffering from a chronic or terminal disease. 

Even though both of the compounds can reduce the pain of the patients, they work in completely different ways. Find out how these two compounds can help you in improving your pain levels below.

How CBD and THC Offers Pain Relief

CBD and THC affect the different receptors of the endocannabinoid system of your body. Using the endocannabinoid system, the compounds inhibit or stimulate brain chemicals and cause the desired effects. 

However, the molecular mechanism which THC uses is clearer compared to cannabis oil. THC activates a couple of cannabinoid receptors of your body. One THC receptor is in our nerve cell and the other one is on the immune cells. Once THC gets attached to the receptors of the nerve cells, it reduces the pain sensations of the patients. 

The high that THC offers also play a role in reducing the pain experiences of the patients. Just like other pain medication, a little bit of euphoria that THC generates helps us not to care about the pain we are suffering from. 

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CBD, on the other hand, is much less understood by the researchers even though there is evidence that it can positively help the patients to manage pain. The researchers indicated that the CBD might have the capacity to interfere with the serotonin system and influence the glycine receptors as well. 

The researchers think that unlike the THC, the CBD targets multiple points of our body with a fairly light touch to reduce the pain. However, researchers could not find any evidence that the CBD offers any mental relief to the patients suffering from chronic pain. 

How CBD Helps With Anxiety?

Scientists think that CBD can help people suffering from anxiety. They think that this reduced anxiety level helps the patients to change their perspectives about the pain from which they are suffering. 

Research in this field is still in a nascent stage and requires a further probe to deliver any conclusive idea. However, it can be said that the CBD works more physically than that of THC. It reduces inflammation and can offer relief from autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. 

There is no definite answer to the ongoing debate about the efficacies of THC and CBD. With the help of the currently available research, it can be said that only cannabis oil consisting of both THC and CBD can offer promising positive results to the patients suffering from chronic pain. 

A Simple Overview of Workplace Injury and Prevention

Getting injured during work is one of the most common forms of personal injury that takes place in Canada. While some of the injuries at the workplace can happen due to personal negligence, most of them occur due to the negligence of some other individual. If you find in this situation, know that personal injury lawyers can help you to get the damages that you deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Take a look at the following section of this article to know more about workplace injuries, preventive measures, and the steps you should take if you suffer from such injury.

The Statistics

The national fatality rate of Canada is around 1000 deaths each year. This number takes into account the onsite injuries during the work hours as well as the long term illnesses of the workers, like lung cancer from silica dust etc. It was found that forestry and fishing is the sector with the highest fatality rate. However, the number of fatalities can be reduced if employers use modern safety software.

In 2016, the claims of 241,508 people, who have lost time due to work-related accidents or injuries have been accepted. Personal injury lawyers point out that these statistics indicate the number of claims that are reported and accepted by the board. Another study conducted in 2002 indicated that around 40% of people who have suffered work-related injuries never filed a claim.


The easiest way to reduce the injuries and fatality rates is to offer proper training to the employees. Even though it is difficult for larger organizations to keep track of the training conditions of the employees, they can use safety software to keep tabs on people. The software can track the employees and send a notification to the employer as well as the employee about refreshing their certification. This simple step can mitigate a lot of risky workplace practices and reduce the number of accidents significantly.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Why Implement Workplace Safety Software

The software can track the accidents and injuries taking place in the workplace. As it can track the injuries to the last detail, the software can help the employer to streamline the operations and monitor the risks. It can also help the companies to determine the accident causality and help them to prevent accidents from taking place in the future. 

What Should You Do If you Get Injured in a workplace accident?

  • Medical Help: Getting medical help is the first thing that you should do is to go to the hospital to get the proper treatment.
  • Tell Your Supervisor: After you receive the treatment, you should inform your supervisor about the accident. No matter how small your injury is, you should never hide the incident. If you are concerned about your safety, you should also reveal that concern to your supervisor.
  • Keep Notes: You should keep tabs on the things that take place after the accident. Make the notes soon after the incident and include time, date and names of the witnesses.
  • Make the Claim: Finally, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer and file your claim.

Accidents at the workplace can be very serious and change your life in a blink. So, take all the necessary precautions while working and make sure to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to get the compensation.